The stipend for overseas NEH Summer Institutes is $3300. Prior to acceptance participants must agree to reimburse the organizers for pre-paid accommodation (€1140, or approximately $1425) with their first stipend installment before the program commences, unless they opt to make their own arrangements (see below). Airfare to Barcelona varies according to time of travel, point of departure, and airline and route taken. Participants traveling from the US can expect to spend $800-1600 for airfare. Successful applicants are urged to make transport arrangements as soon as they have been notified of their acceptance.

In recent years Barcelona has become one of Europe's most expensive cities, a fact which has been aggravated by the deterioration of the dollar.  At time of writing (November 2014) 1 Euro (€) is approximately $1.25 USD. By way of comparison, a coffee in Barcelona may cost €1.50, a cocktail €5, a three-course lunch €8-15, a mid-range restaurant dinner €20, a movie €6–8, taxi from the airport to the city center €35, train ticket from the airport to the city center, €3.50, 10 public transport tickets €7.20.