Sharon Kinoshita
(co-Director & Faculty)

Sharon Kinoshita is Professor of World Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. A specialist in medieval French and comparative literature, she is the author of Medieval Boundaries: Rethinking Difference in Old French Literature (Penn, 2006) and numerous other publications, including co-authored books on Chrétien de Troyes and Marie de France. Her work in Mediterranean Studies includes the Blackwell Companion to Mediterranean History (2014), co-edited with Peregrine Horden, and many essays promoting and demonstrating the usefulness of “Mediterranean” as a category for the analysis of medieval literature. She is currently completing an annotated translation of the earliest extant manuscript of Marco Polo’s Devisement du monde (aka “The Travels”) and a companion monograph tentatively entitled The Worlding of Marco Polo.

Talk/Lecture Titles:

Week 1. Thinking Mediterranean: 

  • “Thinking Mediterranean.” What are the uses (and abuses) of “Mediterranean” as a category of analysis? What might it mean to “think Mediterranean” in fields such as literature and art history?
  • “Texts in/and the Medieval Mediterranean.” What are the characteristics of a “Mediterranean” text? In this unit we consider questions such as genre, the dynamics of textual transmission, and the significance of translation.

 Week 2. Blurring the Lines:

 Week 3. Marking Boundaries:

Week 4. Towards the New Mediterranean Studies: