Aaron Stamper
(Programming Assistant)

Aaron Stamper is currently a Dual Masters student in Religious Studies and History at the University of Colorado Boulder under the direction of Dr. Brian A. Catlos and Dr. Robert Ferry. He holds two B.A.s in Spanish and Religious Studies from the University of New Mexico and will be graduating with his two master’s degrees in May, 2015. Currently, he is under consideration for admission to doctoral programs in North America and plans on continuing in academia with teaching and publishing on late medieval and early modern Mediterranean and Spain. Throughout his undergraduate and graduate studies, Aaron has traveled extensively to Spain, North Africa, and Latin America to pursue language study as well as archival research, which have been generously funded by such fellowships as the FLAS, the Center for Western Civilizations Language Study Grant, CU Boulder Religious Studies Summer Study and Research Grant, along with others. His forthcoming thesis and proposed article will center around themes of colonization and Muslim/Christian relations in sixteenth century Granada.

Aaron Stamper's role in the institute will be to assist the participants in their work to whatever capacity they may require. This includes, but is not limited to, archival support, meal arrangements, communication needs, etc. Aaron can be reached by email at: aaron.stamper@colorado.edu